Meet the Cast: Lucy St Louis

Meet the Cast: Lucy St Louis

We caught up with some of our newly announced cast members who recently performed a sneak preview at our official London launch event. Our talented cast are excited to start rehearsals in January, today we hear from Lucy St Louis who will be playing Diana Ross. Read on to find out what it was like auditioning for Berry Gordy and why she loves the Motown sound.


How excited are you to be stepping into the shoes of such a legend?

Lucy: I am so, so excited to be stepping into the shoes of Diana Ross, she has been my icon since I was a child so for me it’s the most incredible honour in this world.


Did you grow up listening to a lot of Motown music?

Lucy: I grew up listening to her [Diana Ross], my mum used to style me on her because I have big curly hair, so in the 70’s when she had all her big hair, I used to sing in my hairdryer and use it as a wind machine and walk around my living room thinking I was Diana Ross.


What do you think makes the Motown sound so special?

Lucy: You can’t describe it in one word because it’s a feeling, it’s an energy, it’s love, It’s togetherness. What it does do, is it touches everyone and it reaches out to everyone. Everyone loves Motown music. You don’t need to know the songs to sing along or to get into the mood of Motown. Everyone can pick up the song because it’s just incredible. The energy from the songs is just amazing.


What was it like auditioning in front of Berry Gordy?

Lucy:The auditions were tough because we did a solid week of auditioning at the beginning and then we had a month off. Then Berry Gordy came over and all the creatives and they were just sat in front of you. That was your moment, in an audition you go in very tunnel-visioned. I don’t see anyone either side of me, I just go for that part. In that final audition I sang my final song, Reach Out and Touch; it’s the moment where, as Diana Ross, and as me personally, you connect with the audience. You connect with every single pair of eyes in that room and I scanned that panel, I saw Mr Gordy and it was just insane! I get quite emotional thinking about it now because I can’t even believe I got this part!


What’s it like to be at this stage of the process with auditions done and you’ve got the part?

Lucy:Everyone in this show is incredible. We’ve been hand-picked by some incredible people. Mr Gordy himself, he’s the man who made Motown and he knows every single artist and what made them special and unique in their own right. He’s hand-picked every single one of us on that stage. It’s an honour.


Are you looking forward to rehearsals starting in January?

Lucy: I’m really looking forward to starting rehearsals in January, I’m very nervous as I think most people are because when you’re starting a new job it’s daunting. You don’t know what the road ahead is going to be like, I’m so excited to meet everyone, to finally get this family together, I can’t wait!

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