Quickfire Questions with the Motown Cast

Quickfire Questions with the Motown Cast

What does Motown mean to you?

Aisha Jawando: Unconfined.

Christopher Fry: Fun, fun, fun!

Edward Baruwa: Joy and dancing

Samuel Nicholas: It means a lot to me as it’s what I grew up on with my mum playing Marvin Gaye, Steve Wonder and more on a Sunday morning. To be in a show where I’m singing these songs every night is special to me! Motown’s iconic, it’s a piece of history, a movement that’s still going today.

Simeon Montague: My favourite era of music

Jay Bryce: Motown is more than a record label. For the Motown record label and its’ stars to become so universally successful, during times of unbelievable racial tensions, inequality and abuse, shows how “Motown” was part of the change the world needed.
Motown is music for everyone. It is the ‘sound of Young America’.
It transcended racial boundaries. Motown was, and continues to be, a revolutionary movement, that changed the world and made it a much better place.

Edward Handoll: Good songs and a job in London’s West End!


What is your favourite Motown song?

Aisha Jawando: “All Night Long”

Christopher Fry: “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Edward Baruwa: “Please Mr Postman”

Samuel Nicholas: “Ball of Confusion” or “Reach Out and Touch”

Simeon Montague: There’s too many!

Jay Bryce: Definitely “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”. You hear Gladys Knight and Marvin Gaye’s version in the show and both are unique and just awesome.

Edward Handoll: “My Girl”


What is your must-have backstage?

Aisha Jawando: Water!!

Christopher Fry: Chocolate

Edward Baruwa: Water

Samuel Nicholas: Juicy water lemon and lime flavour

Simeon Montague: Sudoku

Jay Bryce: Water. Dancing is thirsty work!

Edward Handoll: An interval cup of tea!



What is the best thing about being in Motown the Musical?

Aisha Jawando: The joy it brings people watching.

Christopher Fry: The people

Edward Baruwa: The music

Samuel Nicholas: Being able to do it every night

Simeon Montague: The freedom of expression in terms of vocals.

Jay Bryce: Being part of a huge, supportive company, onstage and offstage, and getting to hear the best songs ever written 8 shows a week.

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